6 Easy Ways to Add Zing to Your Food

6 Easy Ways to Add Zing to Your Food

Modern life is all about being on the run. People today have no time to prepare a wholesome meal packed with flavors unless it’s a get together or a weekend. But, what if you could add zing to your everyday meals without any extra effort? 

The world has so many unexplored ingredients that are easy to use and flavorful. You just need to be introduced to them in the right way. And this blog will let you in on some of the easily available ingredients that are enough to make your meals exciting and delicious. 

Fresh Herbs

If you are a fan of fresh flavors, herbs will be your best friend. Now, it’s neither easy to get fresh herbs everyday and keep them fresh for long. So, once you get some idea about the herb you like, start growing them on your own. A small herb garden is very easy to manage and also adds a pop of green to your living space. 

Some of the best options for you are oregano, thyme, cilantro and basil. Most of them grow fast and are ready to use within a few weeks. 

Add a pinch while cooking or top your meal with a few fresh leaves to experience unparalleled flavors and aromas with every bite. 


Love spice? Try Sriracha. It looks and smells like a very hot sauce but tastes just perfect. It gives you a balance between sweet and spice. So you don’t have to run after water when you eat it. You can add a few drops in your regular ramen or dip a chicken nugget in it. Once you develop a taste for Sriracha, you will find yourself adding some in everything you eat. 

Many Sriracha lovers also love mixing it with a bowl of ice cream. Sounds disgusting but you can find detailed recipes online for Sriracha ice cream


Adding zing to your food is not just about flavors. It’s about the effects too. Imagine coming home from an exhausting day to a meal that completely relaxes your mind and body. Adding cannabis to your meal can turn this into reality for you. 

Now, the easiest way to include cannabis in your meals is with tinctures. These come in easy to use droppers that let you dose easily. Now, you can choose between THC or CBD. While THC is psychoactive, CBD is not. Tinctures of each type are easily available online or at a store near you. You can also get CBD, THC or Delta 8 gummies and other edibles and skip the entire preparation process. Read more about the same here. 


There’s no match to a block of good quality cheese. It’s a natural flavor enhancer. Whether it is a pizza, macaroni and cheese or a burrito, it goes with everything. 

But, here’s the thing – you have to find the flavor profile that suits your preferences. There are more than 1800 types of cheeses in the world. And each one tastes different. Experiment with different varieties and keep it by your side while cooking. If you are not interested in experimenting, go for the good old parmesan or gouda cheese. 

For those who are lactose intolerant or are avoiding dairy, there are several alternatives like Cashew and Zucchini cheese. 

Dry Mango Powder

Is your gravy missing something? It’s probably a pinch of dry mango powder. While most people are aware of paprika, turmeric and cumin, dry mango powder often goes unnoticed. But, if you try it, you’ll realize that it makes all the difference. 

Dry mango powder has a slight tangy taste and fits in perfectly as a substitute for tamarind and even lemon. It can fit in well with your stews, braises, vegetable dishes and sauces.


Lemon is yet another flavor enhancer. Lemon juice or zest is a great way to cut the greasiness of a dish. It also works like a pinch of salt by enhancing every bit of flavor in a dish. It also adds freshness and a clean taste.

The citrusyness of lemon pairs up well with bitter, sweet and even umami flavors. So you can basically use it whenever and wherever you like. 

Each one of these ingredients are easily available at your nearest store or online. So, if you are bored with eating the same boring food everyday, just pick up one ingredient from this list and add it to your everyday meal to see the difference. 

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