Are There Any Benefits of Feeding Raw Meat to Your Dogs?

Raw meat? For a natural killer, what the hush are you talking about? No, we cannot do it; we should not talk about it. What a joke, I pity the people who even think about opposing this notion. I understand there are a lot of half-wits in this world, but this would be plain stupidity. Dogs are just wolves after a few thousand years of evolution took place; they are designed to eat these things. Their teeth, the digestive system, the mindset everything works for hunting and eating. No one ever cooked their meat for them in the wilderness, no one ever chopped it for them there. You guys need to chill a little bit. Now listen up why raw meat is good for the dogs. 

Helps Them With Teething

Dog teeth are an essential part of their lives and are very tough to take care of as they don’t clean it like humans; also, they don’t have auto repairing ones like sharks. With the postmodern food and diets with all the colas and added sugars, it is easier than ever for dogs to ruin their teeth. Chewing raw meaty bones are associated with cleaner and stronger teeth and gums, respectively, in dogs. Crushing of bones will help your dog exercise, and it does scraping his teeth. Also, bones are a good source of calcium and are easy to digest for the canine. 

Keep Them in Shape 

Keeping the dogs in shape is one of the tasks that humans must do now. We have ruined their diets so darned much and have reduced their activities to almost nothing that it is straightforward for the dogs to get obese. The responsibility to keep them fit falls upon our shoulders too, after all that. But again, meatballs and processed food is not a very good way of doing it.

emotional support animal

Along with exercise, you need to feed them the right kind of food, too, raw meat being one. Just like the human bodies, proteins are building blocks for the dog bodies also and will provide more energy besides keeping them lean. They won’t be losing muscle mass but the actual fats. Again just like humans, thin dogs live longer than obese dogs have controlled blood pressure and a stronger immunity system.

Because Why Not?

Why the hell not? They are carnivores; they are born to eat raw meat. Some people would argue that dogs are omnivores and can survive on a vegetarian diet only. Yeah, they can, but then again, there are no sick dogs in the wild; of course, they have problems but their kind of issues, not the pet-problems. Look at those skull-crushing jaws, sharp teeth which are designed to shred flesh and active intestines, even the healthy digestive juices. Some people call them the opportunist carnivores, they can eat survive on the veggies too, but it is not what they should do. 

Keeping Those Precious Eyes Lit 

Let me accept this firsthand that dog eyes are the cutest thing in this world, humans can lie via their eyes, but dogs are yet untouched by this trick. The problem is during the last days of their lives, dogs start to grow questions related eyes. This eye clique will be broken by raw meat. Raw meat diet with its low fats is perfect for every dog’s retina. What does the right eye need? Lutein, zinc, vitamins like D and E, Antioxidants, proteins, carbs, and good fats, this is precisely what they got. If this is not a balanced diet, I do not know what is. 

A Brand New Dog Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies are notorious for their mood swings, and for the fact they have split personalities when they are hungry, but something very similar happens to your emotional support animal. When you switch your pooch’s diet from regular to a raw meat diet, you will remove the dry food from their diet. This switch will bring changes like a good mood for a longer time. Dry food is full of easily digestible carbs, which happens to fuel insulin and high blood sugar levels in a dog, which means they will be more grumpy when they have it. Dry food has more plastic than Pamela Anderson in it, which is not suitable for anyone. Another downside of a dry diet is that these foods are low in vitamin B, which is called mind soothing vitamin. 


Yeah, so this was all about how raw meat is right for your dog and why you shouldn’t be a pig who eats everything and anything asking his dog to do the same too.

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