Is Cannabis Cuisine The Next Big TV Trend?

Cooking shows are a mainstay of our pop culture. They are a roaring success, as is evident by the number of cooking shows that are available for our viewing pleasure. Its underlying human tendency to gravitate towards something pretty, nobody does pretty better than cooking shows.  

There is also the general state of the world that has made us want to retreat into our pajamas and gravitate towards food. Food and emotions share a complicated relationship. Whether we’re sad, happy, angry, food acts as a refuge. 

Enter marijuana. Once considered a gateway drug, it is now a widely accepted medically used herb. Cannabis has moved up the ranks in terms of social acceptability, primarily thanks to the statewide legalization.

Now marijuana is not just a habit, it’s a lifestyle. You have fancy subscription boxes that are delivered to your doorstep, and on the other end, you have coffee that is infused with CBD for starting your mornings just right. 

From CounterCulture To Today.

Weed was first seen as an act of defiance by the counterculture peace-loving hippies, and it has, of course, since evolved into what we see today i.e., the scientifically backed answer to primarily chronic pain. 

It is only natural that somewhere in the middle, the two things that are synonyms with our society as a whole with cross paths. Competition and cannabis. To go into specifics, its cooking shows, and cannabis   

The next generation is more open to getting through the day while tripping ( In theory, in reality, is it is still at the discretion of your company whether or not cannabis is legal.)  

Whenever I get high, just full disclosure, I have a medical marijuana doctors recommendation. So, it is perfectly legal for me to be high. Now back to my story. Whenever I get high, my first choice is to watch food videos and by extension, cooking competitions.

There is something about food that is wholesome to the euphoric mind that makes me just lost in its entirety. A lot of Tasty videos have me to thank for their increased viewership: me and a lot of stoners. We love our food. 

So, What About Cooking Shows?

Let me say the one thing I learned from my non-stoner friends in college. 

When you are stoned, it is highly entertaining for everyone else.  

Mix that with the fact that we absolutely adore watching other people cook delicious food. You have some evolution taking place, and your next crop of food shows is going to be a love letter to marijuana. 

The most straightforward logic keeping all the philosophical intervention aside is that cooking shows are famous and more people than ever are consuming marijuana at this time.  

Fueled by legality, this is the most logical explanation towards the evolution of the genre. 

Cooking With Cannabis

Cannabis cooking has been adopted by the online medium i.e., Netflix, Viceland, and Funny or Die. All of them are running cannabis cooking shows on their channels and believe or not they are a lot of fun. 

I had no clue about the amount of work that goes on behind the screens of a tasty looking dish of cannabis. But for your viewing pleasure, here are the three shows. 

Bong Appétit 

The original trendsetter of this genre is the beloved Bong Appétit. The show in 2017 was even nominated for a James Beard Award, the top honor of the cooking world. 

The first two seasons of the show are a complete dreamboat, with gorgeous montages of sourcing local ingredients, tips on how to infuse fats and oils with marijuana followed by a dinner party only the most chill stoners of the world could be inhabiting.  

The giggling gaggle of people makes for an incredibly feel-good show. One that shows you the bright side of weed along with the calmness that it wants to represent. 

The third season, however, changed gears and came back in the form of a competitive show, quite charming at the least. 

Chefs go head to head to create dishes infused with cannabis. Featuring familiar faces like Wiz Khalifa and more, this show does make for a beautiful watch. 

Cooking On High 

Is there ever a segment that Netflix refuses to explore. No, there isn’t. After Bong Appétit, it is cooking on high. It leverages the same premise where chefs are pitted against one another. The winner of every episode walks away with a golden pot -the kind you cook in. 

It’s an entertaining show but was critically panned, probably because of its shared concept with the beloved Viceland Show. 

Universal panning aside, the chefs that participated in the show do say that their recognition has increased. Well, if it’s Netflix, you will always have an audience. 


Funny or Die can hardly ever go wrong; just look at Between Two ferns. This show gets some of the most famous people high and then proceeds to get them to make their favorite munchies.

Trus me, it is funny. 

Network Woes

The rise of cannabis has, at this point, managed to outpace the conservative mindset that exists behind the network channels. The public might be okay, but unless the executives jump on the same wagon is going to be tough to get the mainstream media attention towards the cause of legalization in a positive light. 

They love the concept; they just aren’t ready.  

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