Know These Important Tips Before Starting Your Own Herb Garden

Are you looking at your balcony and thinking how can you use it in the best way possible? Or you have a small backyard or a fire escape that gets plenty of sunlight? Grow a mini herb garden of your own and add some new flavors to your food.

When you live in a big and busy city like New York, you don’t get much space for gardening. So, if you have a balcony or a small backyard, you can start a mini garden. This won’t require much space and you will surprisingly find it easy to grow. However, you would have to manage your mini garden and take care of it. 

Once you have decided on what area you want to start your herb garden, the first thing you must do is cleaning. You can find many cleaning services NYC ready to help you out with this. You would love to have a clean area while starting a mini garden. These mini-gardens don’t occupy much space, so you can still expect some space left for yourself too. Also, you don’t use every herb in the world there is while cooking. 

Before you start with your plan of growing a mini herb garden of your own, go through these important tips.

Fire Escape Safety

If you are planning on starting your herb love on a fire escape area, you should be aware of some important facts. According to the fire code in New York City, you must not store any item on a fire escape. This is for obvious reasons. How effective escape would it be if you can’t even walk on it properly?

Make sure you place your pots in a way that you have enough space to walk comfortably. Also, make sure you leave space to get access to the window and the ladder too. 

Keep it Low-Key

If your fire escape is on the backside of your building, then only think of making a fire escape garden. You would not want to get in a brawl with your landlord or the authorities of the building. And if you can’t hide your fire escape garden, change your option. You can find many apartment-friendly gardening alternatives.

The Amount of Sunlight Required

Some plants need more sunlight than the other. You should be aware of what your vegetables need and then decide whether the place you selected for their growth is good for them or not. Figuring out how many hours of sunlight your plants require sunlight should be on the top of your priorities list.

When you are planning on starting a fire escape garden, the biggest problem can be the accessibility of sunlight. Due to the buildings and trees around your building that can block the sunlight. So, for fire escape gardening, use plants that do not crave too much sunlight. And for other plants, find some other place like your backyard or balcony. Don’t forget to calculate the amount of sunlight that a spot gets throughout the day before start growing your plants there.

Get Your Gears

Get your essentials and gear up, it’s planting time!


The pot size depends upon what you want to grow. Your focus should be on getting a pot that provides enough depth to the roots of your plants to nurture and fully develop. I’m sure you don’t like sleeping with half your legs out of your blanket on a cold night. Consider the same for your herbs. Pick the right size and type of pot to ensure the good growth of your plants.

Soil For Potting

Remember that you are planting in a pot and not in a normal garden. So, avoid any potting mix that says “garden soil”. Find something that is made for containers. Make an estimation of how many bags of soil you need for your container.

Plants, Finally!

Go to a farmers’ market to get herb and vegetable seedlings during spring. You will find some of the best quality of seedlings there. Or you can also visit a hardware or garden store to get some decent ones.

Seedlings Better Than Seeds

Yes, it’s better to buy seedlings instead of seeds. You might feel that watching small plants sprouting out of seeds can be really mesmerizing. But, trust me, it’s not a good idea. You would have a small space and a short season to grow your plants. So, buying seedlings and small plants should be a better choice for you.

If You Are Not an Expert, Start With Basil

Basil is an herb that is loved by everyone, no doubt on that. It’s an amazing herb to grow that smells great and taste even better. It’s a great choice for beginners as it can tell if you are not watering it enough by looking drooping and “upset”. Once you water it, it will bloom again.

Every Plant Needs Its Personal Space

If you want to see a happy plant, give its roots enough room to grow well. Don’t just stuff too many plants in a single container just because you want to grow more plants. you have to give enough space to each plant to produce enough. 


You can grow many plants, whether it’s a flowering plant or vegetable plants. You can even grow mints, tomatoes, and spices. Also, take care of certain things like watering your plant. But, do not water them too much. Keep the dirt in the pot healthy. And protect your plants from pesticides. Follow these tips and you will have your grown-up plant.

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