Top 3 Healthiest Substitutes For Sugar You Must Try

Probably during your childhood, your parents would have always stopped you from eating too many candies or chocolates, basically sugary items. And we all know the reasons now, but back then when you were a kid. You must have cried and insisted (shouted probably) your parents to allow you to have as many candies as you want not knowing the damage it can cause to your health later. I used to love sweets a lot, not knowing the problems it can cause to my health. 

Why Sugar is Not Good For Your Health?

The side effects of sugar can lead to some serious health issues. The list of the diseases sugar can lead to may include obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, tooth decay, certain types of cancer, and leading to poor cognitive functioning. The side effects can also give rise to the risk of insulin resistance. And also, the artificial sweeteners too can cause a range of problems for you that can include kidney function disorders, headaches, and migraines, impairment of liver, shrunken thymus glands, and mood disorders.

In today’s world, the biggest culprit of people’s health weaknesses is sugar, and the main issue is, it is hard to avoid sugar. Whether you are drinking a can of soda or your favorite sweet beverage, having a nice dessert after your meal, or munching on a few delicious chocolates. While it’s hard to avoid any addition of sugar to every food item, you need to keep an eye on how you are consuming sugar. It can be as addictive as drugs, sugar leads to release dopamine in the brain, the same happens with drugs. All in all, sugar can be really harmful to your health and you need to shift to alternatives, consider the following,

Healthy Alternatives to Sugar You Need to Know

You can choose from many sugar alternatives depending upon how you want to use them in your daily diet. You need to find out, why you want to reduce your sugar intake. Whether it is because of obesity or diabetes, your selection of alternatives will depend on it. So, the sugar alternatives in the market can help you live healthier. Here’s a list of sugar alternatives for you to choose from.


This natural high-intensity sweetener is probably the best alternative to sugar. The scientific term for the shrub from the stevia is extracted is Stevia rebaudiana. The leaves of this shrub from South America are used to extract stevia. And this region has been using stevia for hundreds of years now, and maintain the blood sugar levels and promote weight loss. 

Stevia promotes weight loss and saves you from obesity too as it contains zero calories and zero carbohydrates. This makes stevia safe for diabetic use too. Some studies have also proven that it is safe to use stevia as it has no side effects on your health. Stevia also has many health benefits like lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and can also assist in fighting diabetes. One of the sweet compounds found in stevia, stevioside is also linked to lowering the insulin levels. 


You probably would have seen this name on the wrapper of chewing gum. This sugar alcohol can be naturally found in fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, corn cobs, and a few hardwood trees. This sugar alcohol has lower calories as compared to sugar, almost 45% fewer calories than sugar. The sweetness of xylitol is similar to sugar. Xylitol is a five-carbon sugar, while many others are six-carbon sugars. This makes xylitol helpful in preventing bacterial growth.

The lower calories in this sugar alcohol make it resist the promotion of tooth decay and helps in improving dental health. It also has zero fructose and hence has no detrimental effects linked with sugar. It also maintains the blood sugar and insulin levels. More studies have shown that it is also beneficial for bone density along with the teeth as it helps the body to absorb more calcium. 

But make sure to keep xylitol intake in control, as too much of it can lead to some side effects for your digestion like bloating, gas and diarrhea. And if you own a dog, keep xylitol away from your pooch’s reach, cause xylitol is toxic to dogs.

You can use xylitol in making your beverages and cereal and baking. You can easily use it as it comes in crushed form, rather than using sugar.


Sugar is made by the traditional method of boiling the raw cane sugar. And molasses are the by-products of the method used to produce sugar. The sugar crystals you use in your food are made by boiling the raw cane sugar. This is done until a sweet syrup is obtained. When boiling is done for the third time, the result gives blackstrap molasses. This process helps molasses get its nutritional benefits and provide molasses deep rich flavor. 

These by-products are a good source of nutrients and are rich in iron, calcium, copper, potassium, manganese, selenium and vitamin B6. This sweet, viscous and brown thick liquid has higher phenolic content and shows more antioxidant activity as compared to the sugar crystals. They show syrup-like consistency is best utilized in the baking process.


Sugar can make you stand face-to-face with a lot of health problems and some serious diseases, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. You can use the alternatives instead of refined sugar to save yourself from the side effects of sugar and benefit your health. The healthiest option in alternatives to sugar will probably be stevia, followed by xylitol and molasses. So, say no to sugar and go with these alternatives.

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